Welcome to the Flinders University Clubs & Societies Web Site

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Information about clubs is available via the FlindersOne website. Click here for a direct link to Sporting Clubs, or click here for a direct link to non-sporting Clubs & Societies.

Due to VSU, funding for the old server has run out. A number of clubs have pulled together to keep the web services going.

If you would like yourclub.flindersclubs.asn.au to be hosted here, please contact:

hosting2 AT flindersclubs DOT asn DOT au

If you would like a free e-mail address for your club, e-mail us also.

The sites presently hosted here are:

Biodiversity & Conservation http://biod.flindersclubs.asn.au

Mens' Cricket http://cricket.flindersclubs.asn.au

Football http://football.flindersclubs.asn.au

Ilkari http://ilkari.flindersclubs.asn.au

Netball http://netball.flindersclubs.asn.au

Underwater http://underwater.flindersclubs.asn.au

Wrestling http://wrestling.flindersclubs.asn.au

Writers' http://writers.flindersclubs.asn.au

Other clubs which are hosted off-site are:

Athletics http://www.flindersathletics.org

Men's Soccer http://www.fusc.com.au

Law http://www.flsa.org.au/